Patient Transport Services

Different Aspects Of Patient Transport Services

Everyone thinks of patient transport services as strictly an emergency service and certainly there are ambulance services just for that purpose. Not every person requires an ambulance. Sometimes patients may need to be moved from one facility to another. One example would be nursing home residents who may have had a long hospital stay and need to be transported back to the nursing home.

An emergency medical transport service such as an ambulance will be required in emergency situations. However, for the elderly and those that are physically challenged, a dependable non emergency patient transport service may be what is all needed.


Patient Transport Services For Non Emergency Situations

In the cases of non emergency patient transport services, a van or other vehicle may be used instead of an ambulance. The patient needs to be in stable condition of course. In this manner, nursing home residents may be transported to and from doctor’s appointments or chemotherapy treatments. There are also services that transport patients from their homes to appointments as well.

Patients are accompanied by a nurse or paramedic and monitored as needed during the transportation time. This kind of transport is a life saver for people with chronic medical conditions that make driving themselves difficult. If they have no family in the area to drive them to and from appointments, they can still maintain some independence and stay in their own homes while utilizing a transport service.

Many senior living complexes offer this service to their residents. The cost is much lower than using an ambulance for non emergency trips.

Patient Transport Services For People With No Living Relatives

Local veteran’s organizations often offer a van as patient transport services to transport veterans to and from the V.A. for appointments and treatment in non emergency situations. This is a much needed service and eliminates the need for costly taxi trips for veterans who have no transportation or are not well enough to drive themselves. This is especially true if the veteran’s hospital is not nearby.

There are many people who simply do not drive. My mother in law never learned to drive and she depended on family to get her to her doctor’s appointments. It was quite a balancing act sometimes with everyone working trying to coordinate schedules to get her where she needed to go. For people who have no family to help them, patient transport services are the answer.

It’s a safe and convenient way to get to appointments without having to rely on public transportation. Public transportation is simply not a great option for the elderly or physically challenged. Patient transport services in some form are available in most areas. Check with your local health care providers to get a comprehensive list of patient transport services available.