The Importance Of Having  In Place

Most businesses and schools are required to have a medical emergency plan to deal with a medical emergency and provide for care and possible evacuation in the event of an emergency. Aside from just having a first aid kit and sometimes a hazardous spill kit on site, a written emergency and evacuation plan should be posted. When I was managing a small veterinary hospital our plan detailed how to handle any medical emergency and how to evacuate animals and employees safely.

Why You Need A Medical Emergency Plan At Home

Medical Emergency Plan You should have a medical emergency plan at home as well. It doesn’t need to be complicated, but every family member should be taught what to do in an emergency. This actually should not only be in a medical emergency situation, but any emergency at all that occurs at home. It can be as simple a medical emergency system as having a first aid kit and emergency phone numbers in a central location.

Someone in the home should be trained in CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). You can learn at the Red Cross, often at no charge. If you have a large home and many family members, a medical emergency plan to get everyone safely out of the house in the event of a fire is a good idea.

They probably have fire drills at school, so have one at home and choose a designated place for everyone to meet outside of the house. A little advance planning can prevent a tragedy. I was shocked to hear that in tests most children do not awaken to a normal smoke detector, so it would be a good idea to invest in one. One of the new ones that uses a recording a parent’s voice to alert them.

Businesses And Schools Have Medical Emergency Plan In Place

Have A Medical Emergency Plan At Home Many major businesses and schools have a medical emergency plan in effect. There are many online sites such as OSHA that offer sample plans to download. Once that is done, they can be customized to suit your particular business. I know a lot of larger businesses in my area have medical offices on site staffed with a nurse or EMT and many have an ambulance available as well.

You may have noticed as I have that almost every business has a defibrillator on site and employees trained to use it. This really strikes a chord with me because my brother was playing softball and his heart stopped. If not for the AED training of one of the coaches, he would not be here today. It’s not enough just to have one on site. Someone needs to be trained to use it.

We all hope there won’t be a major medical emergency or disaster like 9/11, but it can happen and being prepared will save many lives. At home, at work, or in a public place, a well thought out medical emergency plan is essential.