Emergency Medical Services For Children

Emergency Medical Services For Children

 Following Simple But Effective Procedures To Ensure Safety Of Your Children.

The safety of children is every parent’s nightmare. There are times that it is almost impossible to be able to protect your child as you would want to. These are usually in emergency cases, where children may be caught in an accident or get injured whilst playing outside. In such cases emergency medical services for children are there to come to the rescue.

The different types of emergency cases that children can get involved in are too numerous to enumerate here. What is important is that the emergency medical services that attend to the injured child are always well stocked for whatever the case they face.

When children are inside the house, the number of emergency cases that can happen are significantly reduced as parents do take a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that most of the potential hazards are reduced. However, the children are outside the house, the hazards they face are quite different. As parents or guardians we can take measures to reduce the occurrence of emergencies by keeping their play area outside of the house free from danger and giving proper supervision.

There are also times when parental anxiety gets the better of us, especially in an emergency situation when the child is injured. At these times it is important to trust and allow the paramedics and pediatrics who are trained to administer the best care to our children in those circumstances.

A study at the University of California, U.S., showed that white children were more likely to receive extra CT (computer tomography) scans than their African-American and Hispanic counterparts. This is one of the situations where parental anxiety gets the better of us. The study also showed that these children who received the extra scan stood higher risk of being exposed to more radiations than their counterparts who did not have the scans.

here are many arms of emergency medical services team that are supposed not to only respond to emergencies involving children but to adults who are caught up in emergency situations. The emergency services are a proud part of our community and every support they require to carry out their duties must be given them so that as many lives as possible can be saved at all times.

If your child has a special medical condition, that will the presence of the EMS when the condition starts, you can be sure that the training that officers have received is the available. Watch the video below to learn more:

There are always precautions we can take to ensure our children are safe. For instance during the summer months, it may come as a surprise how many children and babies lose their lives because they have been left in hot cars.

The number of children that die as a result of vehicular hyperthermia is increasing each year so it is important that you do remember not to leave your little one (s) in the car when you go out. For the statistics, between 30 and 50 children die per year due to parents leaving their little ones in the car.

There are many situations which we can avoid having to call the emergency medical services for children if we took just a little care and a few precautions. The medical services are there to help us when we cannot handle things on our own. But we as parents can also do our best to help their work easier and our children safer by being a little bit more careful. You can share your thoughts and experiences with our readership. And thanks for doing that.