emergency ambulance service

Public And Private Emergency Ambulance Service Facilitate Healthcare Delivery

Emergency ambulance service is widely available today, but it makes you wonder what people did before there were ambulances. The first use of an ambulance as a specialized vehicle came about in Napoleon’s time. His personal physician designed a new ambulance system because he was distressed that many soldiers were not being picked up quickly by the existing horse and litter service.

He decided that two and four wheeled horse drawn wagons would provide a better way to transport the wounded. Civilian use of the horse and wagon ambulance was to transport cholera patients in London around 1832. The first known hospital based ambulance operated out of commercial Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1865.

This was quickly followed by other services with ambulances carrying medical equipment and medications. With the development of automobiles, modern ambulances and emergency ambulance service came into being.

Types Of Emergency Ambulance Service

There are several types of emergency ambulance service options available. Government ambulance services work separately from fire and police services. In the United Kingdom almost all ambulances are part of the national health system.

In the U.S. emergency ambulance service provided by local governments are often referred to as “third service” EMS, forming a trio with the police and fire departments. In rural areas ambulances are often operated by local fire and police services. In such cases it may not be practical to operate a separate service and some emergencies may be attended by a fire truck instead of an ambulance.

Volunteer ambulance services are run by charities or non-profit organizations. These are often used both in emergency and patient transport functions. They may be staffed by a combination of paid and volunteer employees and provide support to full time ambulance crews in times of emergency. Volunteer ambulances may be community or privately owned and are often linked to fire companies.

Private Emergency Ambulance Service Options

Private emergency ambulance service is commercial companies with paid employees who are often on contract to local or national government. In some places they only provide patient transport and in others they provide emergency service when full time ambulances are busy. These private ambulances also provide “stand by” services at sporting events, concerts, or industrial sites.

Combined emergency services ambulances are often found on university campuses or airports. All personnel are trained not only in emergency medical technicians care but also fire fighting and police work. They may also be found in smaller communities where the budget does not allow for separate services.

Hospital based services may be used where emergency ambulance service is unreliable or changeable. Charity ambulances are used to transport ill children or adults on vacations away from hospices, hospitals, or care homes where they are receiving long term care.

Many large companies and industrial centers have company ambulances to provide immediate service to injured employees. There is an emergency ambulance service in most communities to provide care en route to the hospital.